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Robert Saleh has a new trinket to hand his defense

Get equipped with A.G.N.B. wristbands.

The San Francisco 49ers signed linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu to a 1-year, $5.125 million deal on Thursday, and it looks like 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh had something else for him. Take a look:

Those Levis kicks are pretty dope, but they’re also supposed to retail for $200. We’re concerned about the bracelet. For those of you wondering, violence became a word Saleh wanted associated with his defense. It began with him saying, “I can’t wait to see the violence in which we play.”

That led to the extreme violence moniker that became one of three main aspects to Saleh’s defense. It eventually led to led to this awesome quote:

“Extreme violence man. That’s everything. It is cool. It is part of our deal. Extreme violence, attacking the ball.”

A.G.N.B. may sound like the name of a ‘90s punk rock band, but it actually stands for “All Gas No Brake.” Another one of the aspects in Saleh’s defense.

Saleh will have some shiny new toys to play with in his defense in the acquisition of cornerback Richard Sherman and now, Attaochu. It looks like they are trying to build not just on the philosophies established in 2017 but establish their identity.

But really, all that’s important right now is where those wrist bands can be bought. Certainly fans would love to peacock with that at 49ers games. It’s appreciative that these trinkets are reserved for defensive players, but Saleh’s quotes do not need to be limited, they need to be made in mass production.