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Ready to forgive and forget?

Many remember the Thanksgiving loss to the Seahawks, but do they remember Richard Sherman’s words to the fanbase after?

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

There’s a lot more to the Richard Sherman signing than just an enemy coming to his hated rivals. There’s the obvious reasons why fans are skeptical. After all, Sherman ripped hearts out by tipping a Colin Kaepernick under-throw to put the Seattle Seahawks into the Super Bowl, was outspoken whenever a microphone was put under him, and overall did everything he possibly could to become a household name in San Francisco whilst getting under fans’ skin at the same time.

Add this to another reason as to why some fans may not be too happy about Sherman coming to San Francisco. A little game on Thanksgiving in 2014 that started this entire mess with the coaching carousel. And no, this isn’t about eating turkey on the 49ers’ seal.

After the 49ers lost a 19-3 clunker at candlestick, Sherman had the post game interview. In it he said, “Their [49ers] fans are mediocre.”

The comments were in reference to a glass bottle being thrown his way and some name calling. But the entire fanbase was singled out as a result. Seattle fans were of course, praised, even when this is the season after NaVarro Bowman left due to a gruesome knee injury.

Sherman is on the 49ers roster and, barring any injury, there’s no changing that for the foreseeable future. From the looks of things, it seems to be a great signing and a no-brainer from a football standpoint. It’s his trash talking that extended past his opponents and into the stands that adds more skepticism to having him around.

Amends probably aren’t in order. Many of Sherman’s past demons— Michael Crabtree and Jim Harbaugh to be specific—are no longer with the organization.

The fans still are. And these ‘mediocre’ fans are now being asked to cheer for Sherman 16 games a year. Hopefully, everyone can forgive and forget.