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Richard Sherman talks Pete Carroll, Seahawks’ changes

The newest 49ers cornerback compared Carroll’s approach to that of a coach in college football.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman had some things to say about Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks, his former team. He took part in an interview Thursday on The ThomaHawk Show from UNINTERRUPTED, a show that features now-retired Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas and wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.

Sherman had a lot to say about how the Seahawks value players, and how the team has a more college approach to how they manage the roster. Sherman feels the Seahawks have made a mistake moving on from so many big names to try and cycle in younger, unproven talent. And it all starts with Carroll.

“His philosophy is more built for college,” Sherman said. “You get four years, guys rotate in, rotate out. ... I think theyve kind of lost their way a little bit in terms of how they see players and how they evaluate players.

“It just became an issue of devaluing core players that are playing at a high level and really being curious about younger players and curious about the unknown,” Sherman said. “They say, ‘Maybe this guy is going to be the next guy’ instead of saying, ‘Hey, you have Hall of Fame talent in your secondary, how about you ride this out?”

There were some interesting things in there, but also some interesting things from the NFL Network’s Mike Silver and Steve Wyche, who weighed in on Sherman’s comments and where they’re coming from. The NFL Network posted a Tweet with the clip, which you can find here.

Silver discusses Sherman’s comments by saying the cornerback may be going into “rival” mode a little bit, but also that Carroll might not actually be that offended by the remark because there’s probably some truth to it.

He also notes that many players on the roster were devastated by the Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots, where the Seahawks failed to get that last yard they needed at the goal line. The consensus was that the ball should have been handed to Marshawn Lynch, and many players in the locker room were unable to let that go, according to Silver.

“Richard and the Seahawks were not in a good place a year ago. They talked about some trade scenarios, he came back for one more run, but I believe a lot of that traces back [to the Super Bowl loss],” Silver says in the clip above.

A lot can be said about Sherman’s injury and his salary cap hit, but in the end, everything being said here makes sense. Carroll may have a more college-like approach overall, but he has, of course, found plenty of success in the NFL so it’s not like Sherman is insulting him in any large way.