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Jerry Attaochu contract details reveal decent commitment for a one-year deal

A one-year deal is not a big commitment, but the 49ers are committing some bucks.

The San Francisco 49ers signed defensive end Jerry Attaochu to a one-year contract, and the details reveal a fairly sizable bet. The 49ers aren’t exactly breaking the bank with this deal, but it seems pretty clear they like what he might bring to the table.

Nick Wagoner came across the details for the contract, and it breaks down as follows.

Signing bonus: $1.5 million
Base salary: $1 million (guaranteed)
Workout bonus: $250,000
Roster bonus: $250,000 ($15,625 per game — 4 games are LTBE, 12 games are NLTBE)
NLTBE incentives: $2,125,000 (playing time + sacks)
CAP HIT: $2,812,500

There’s only so much one can say about commitment on a one-year deal, but the 49ers have given Attaochu enough guarantees that they think he can be a contributor in 2018. I’d be curious to see how the incentives are split up between playing time and sacks. He played in four games last season, appearing in 60 defensive snaps (5.7 percent of Chargers defensive snaps).

The 49ers are looking for any and all help they can get in the pass rush. It remains to be seen if they might make a play for recently released Vinny Curry, but I would bet some money they spent decently significant draft capital in an edge rusher.