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Jets trade up with Colts for No. 3 overall pick in 2018 NFL Draft

We have our first huge shake-up in the 2018 NFL Draft!

The 2018 NFL Draft is over a month away, but we have our first huge trade. The New York Jets traded for the Indianapolis Colts’ No. 3 overall pick. The Jets are giving up their sixth overall pick, 37th overall pick, 49th overall pick, and a 2019 2nd round pick, the two teams announced on Saturday.

New York has been very active in securing its quarterback future, as many believe this is another piece of that. The first move was to re-sign Josh McCown to a one-year deal, followed by signing Teddy Bridgewater, still very young with a lot of upside, to a one-year deal as well.

Now they’ve made this move, presumably to take a quarterback. They either have to feel good about three quarterbacks, or feel confident they know who will be taken by the Cleveland Browns at No. 1 overall and New York Giants at No. 2 overall. With Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty still on the roster, you have to think those guys are going to be released in the near future.

While the San Francisco 49ers have declared themselves open to trades up or down, they were always a longshot for teams targeting a quarterback at No. 9 overall. All that action is going to continue happening in the top five or six picks. All eyes are now on the Buffalo Bills, the team most considered the likeliest to make such a deal.