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Daniel Kilgore not upset about trade to Dolphins

The San Francisco 49ers traded Daniel Kilgore to the Miami Dolphins earlier this week, and the center has no regrets about anything. He told South Florida media that he wanted to finish his career with the 49ers, but he understands this kind of thing happens.

Kilgore had nothing but positive things to say about how Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch handled the situation.

“As far as how they handled it, I appreciate how Kyle and John Lynch got me in a position where I can be successful. They could have traded me anywhere but I think they did the right thing by putting me in a position that they know I can be successful, and putting me with a staff that loves the game and that are good people.”

Kilgore takes over at center for Mike Pouncey, and is in an improved financial position. Florida does not have a state income tax, while California has a 13.3 percent state income tax. Kilgore earned a $2.3 million roster bonus on Friday. Had he been with the 49ers, California would have gotten $305,900 of that bonus. Kilgore still owes the feds, but he gets to save that amount. So, that is certainly a plus for Kilgore!

Saturday afternoon, Kilgore tweeted out appreciation for fans and friends with the 49ers.