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49ers big board, spots 1-5

Who will top your list of best prospects for the 49ers to consider?

The San Francisco 49ers are in the midst of meeting prospects, working them out, and observing them at their Pro Days. The 2018 NFL Draft is a little over one month away, which means the team’s big board is just about settled. There are plenty of adjustments to be made, but they likely have a pretty good idea of at least the general area they are considering a lot of players.

While the 49ers continue their work, it is time to get our own big board together. We have not done this every year, but every so often we try and put together a site consensus big board. It involves a ranked voting system where you pick your top 5 players from a group of 25. We’ll start with spots 1-5, move on to 6-10, and continue on. I’m not quite sure yet how many will get through, but I wouldn’t mind getting at least to 50.

In the past we’ve embedded the poll in articles, but the system does not allow for that. So, you can click here and vote on your top five.

In picking the first 25 players, I did not include any quarterbacks. It is entirely possible the 49ers will draft a quarterback on day three, but they are not going to draft any of the early prospects.

There will be disagreements on some of the players I have included in the first 25. I think we have a good group of players to choose from, but if there are some names you want to see in the poll for spots 6-10, let me know.

I will leave this poll up through the end of Tuesday, and then post the results and the next poll Wednesday morning. Click here to vote, and please only vote once.