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49ers win NFL Draft coin toss, will pick 9th overall

The coin toss to determine who would pick first between the 49ers and Raiders was held on Friday at the NFL Combine.

The coin toss between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders to determine the ninth and 10th overall picks in the 2018 NFL Draft was held on Friday at the NFL Combine. The 49ers won the toss, and will pick ninth, while the Raiders will pick 10th.

The 49ers and Raiders finished the 2017 season with the same 6-10 record and the same strength of schedule numbers at .512. They are in separate conferences, which makes the coin flip the next tiebreaker down the line. I said several times before the toss that it’s a stupid tiebreak, win or lose, and I stand by that.

As noted in the past, the 49ers and Raiders have some overlapping needs, particularly at linebacker and cornerback, the two positions most consistently assigned to the 49ers in various mock drafts around the Internet.

In a normal draft, teams with the same record alternate after the first round, regardless of strength of schedule, so the Miami Dolphins, the other 6-10 team on the season, are impacted by this toss as well. They were always set to have the 11th pick, though, with a tougher strength of schedule in 2017.

Below, you can find a full list of 49ers picks, where Oakland ends up in the rounds that matter to the 49ers and where the Dolphins pick in the rounds where the 49ers have their own pick.

Full list of San Francisco 49ers draft picks

1st round: 9th overall (Dolphins 11th regardless)
2nd round: 59th overall (from New Orleans Saints; 2016 draft-day trade)
3rd round: 70th overall (from Chicago Bears; 2016 draft-day trade)
3rd round: 74th overall (Dolphins 73rd regardless)
4th round: 128th overall (from Pittsburgh Steelers; Vance McDonald trade)
5th round: 143rd overall (from New York Jets; Rashard Robinson trade)
6th round: 184th overall (Dolphins 183rd regardless
7th round: 227th overall (Dolphins 229th regardless)
7th round: 240th overall (from Kansas City Chiefs; Kenneth Acker trade)