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Would Ndamukong Suh on the Rams scare you, 49ers fans?

I’d like to say he’s washed up, but he’s probably in a position to do some serious damage in a Rams uniform next to another PRETTY GOOD defensive lineman.

Ndamukong Suh is reportedly visiting the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday, a fairly surprising occurrence given the lack of cap space and the players they want to extend — like Aaron Donald — sooner rather than later. I have to wonder how Donald, widely considered to be the best defensive player in the league (and also by me, and I know that opinion is most valuable).

But maybe I shouldn’t worry about cap so much, as teams always find a way to manipulate it ... just look at Suh’s own release, which was part of just six moves that cleared over $50 million in cap space for the Miami Dolphins.

Suh was released by the Dolphins as part of what they’re calling a “culture change.” I haven’t heard much about Suh being a locker room problem, but he does carry the “mercenary” label, and that means some teams won’t want him. That label doesn’t personally bother me — I’m more concerned with the fact that he’s a dirty and dangerous player. I’m fine with players wanting to go to the highest bidder for their job.

I would also be very concerned to see Suh twice a season. Suh under-performed on the Dolphins, but he had to suffer through four defensive coordinators in three seasons, and was rarely able to find a rhythm. It’s probably safe to say that the Rams are more than capable of giving Suh that rhythm — playing next to Donald should free him up to get back to sacking the quarterback more than playing gap control.

Suh of the past three seasons hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t been a scary player like he once was. I think he’d become that scary player again with the Rams. What I want to know is: do other 49ers fans feel the same way?