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Would you like to be unblocked by Richard Sherman? We have your solution

Sherman has been well known for blocking people on social media - he has agreed to work with us if you’d like that changed

New San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman has been well known for blocking people on social media. Now that he is on the roster of his division rival, a solution needed to be developed to remedy this situation. Sherman has agreed to grant amnesty to those who he has blocked with the support of his charity Blanket Coverage.

On Sherman’s personal website, there is a link under the Foundation tab. There you will find a link to donate money to his charity. Take a screen shot of your donation, tweet it and tag the foundation handle @BC_RS25 and he will pardon you for your past transgressions.

This does not mean you can tweet at him without future repercussions, (we all must be civil here), but it will allow you a clean slate with Sherman as he begins his journey with the 49ers.

In 2017 Blanket Coverage helped over 10,000 students and their families from the Seattle area, down to Los Angeles. They gave backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need and those filled with blankets and snacks to those that are homeless.

May 2017, we partnered with FINAO, Failure is not an option, to start planning our Campus Coverage program. This will allow us to take students to college campuses so they can experience what a day at college feels like. Each student will have the opportunity to speak with local college students about their experience, visit classrooms, and have a peek into what the future holds. We are excited to launch this program this year!

I’m going to kick off this movement with a $25.00 donation:

Also, compliments to Sherman on quickly changing his site to a red and gold theme as well as offering red and gold merchandise within 10 days of his signing!