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49ers tied for 5th best Super Bowl 53 odds after start of free agency

The 49ers made some impact moves, and the latest Super Bowl odds are reflecting it.

The San Francisco 49ers offseason maneuvering has people buzzing, and oddsmakers are reflecting that in their latest Super Bowl 53 odds. Bovada posted their first update of odds since immediately after Super Bowl 52, and the 49ers have improved from 20/1 to 14/1.

The 49ers were tenth in the post-Super Bowl odds, but are now tied for fifth with the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers after a week of free agency. The Rams improved from 18/1, while the Packers were dropped from 9/1. The New England Patriots remain up top at 5/1, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles (17/2), Minnesota Vikings (9/1) and Pittsburgh Steelers (12/1).

The improved odds are likely as much to do with the Jimmy Garoppolo extension as they are with the recent additions. Garoppolo signed his extension three days after Bovada posted their first odds. That’s not to say Bovada assumed he would leave, but the possibility was still there that something could muck up the situation. Instead, the 49ers signed Garoppolo, and the stability he brings has helped them recruit other free agents.

The next update on Super Bowl 53 odds will likely be in early May, shortly after the NFL Draft wraps up. That will provide a better look at 2018 rosters, but also will reflect the schedule release the week or two before the draft.