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Frank Gore might have to get rid of the dead Dolphin shirt

Back in 2012, the 49ers beat the Miami Dolphins. In the following press conference, Frank Gore sported the greatest championship shirt to ever be printed.

I would make this a Throwback Thursday but this isn’t a reflection, it’s merely a question of what’s going to happen to a certain shirt in former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore’s wardrobe.

Let me take you back to 2012. The 49ers were on the rise, in fact, they were on their way to a Super Bowl appearance. On the way to said appearance they met the Miami Dolphins at Candlestick Park. In this game, Frank Gore did what Frank Gore does. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, the Dolphins managed to get the game within a score. Kap decided to channel what I called “Tattoo Powaa” and this happened:

Why Tattoo powaa? Because this was the game where Kaepernick’s trademark kissing of the bicep came from following some articles concerning his tattoos and if he was fit to lead an NFL franchise.

Back to Gore. Following the defeat of the Dolphins, Gore was seen with this shirt:


Here’s a good look at him standing at the podium for the post-game interview wearing that great piece of apparel.

So why are we bringing up the Dolphins getting thrashed at the hands of the 49ers? Well if you didn’t hear, Gore will be heading to Miami this fall to join the team and possibly finish out his career. For Gore, this is a great thing as he is from the area and gets to be closer to his family. Plus given the age of the Dolphins’ running backs group, Gore can be a great mentor to the young guys.

But there’s no forgetting him wearing this shirt shortly after defeating the Dolphins. He played it completely cool, too, just waited for someone to ask him about it, wasn’t walking with a smirk when he had it on for the interviews. I would be overjoyed, of course if he were to wear it again while signed with the Dolphins, but given how impossible that will happen, I’ll just dwell on a day five years ago when I got to see him model that shirt for the ages.

Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess we won’t be seeing that shirt at any press conferences in the near future. So the question is, what does happen to that shirt?