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Full list of NFL rules, bylaws to be voted on at 2018 owners’ meeting

The NFL owners will meet next week in Orlando for the annual March meetings. They will discuss a host of issues, and vote on rule and bylaw proposals. The league released the full list of proposals, which you can read below.

The San Francisco 49ers are involved in two of these proposals. The 49ers joined the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers in submitting a bylaw that would prevent west coast teams from playing too many 10 a.m. PT games on the east coast. This has been an ongoing issue for west coast teams, and the proposal would not allow the league to schedule teams for more than three road games with the early pacific time zone kickoff.

The other proposal is from just the 49ers, and is Resolution G-2. It would require that by 2021, all NFL stadiums have “three separate and permanent locker rooms to be exclusively designated for female football staff on game days as follows: game officials, home club staff members, and visiting club staff members.” The 49ers have a woman on their coaching staff, offensive assistant Katie Sowers. The proposal talks about the likelihood of more woman with member clubs requiring more locker room space.

Here’s a full list of all the rules, bylaws, and resolution proposals for next week’s meeting. If you can’t see the list, click here.