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Which non-49ers team are you most intrigued by after free agency?

Other than the NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams, of course.

While there remain a few big players on the open market, the flurry of NFL free agency is essentially over. The San Francisco 49ers, for the most part, have all the players they’re going to get until they start back-filling their preseason roster.

I think it’s safe to say that even the people here who haven’t been huge on the recent moves are at least very interested to see what the 49ers look like in 2018. But what about other teams?

Obviously, we’ve talked a lot about the Los Angeles Rams, a team that ran headfirst into this offseason and could be a much-improved team next season. They’re the favorites to with the NFC West at this point. But there are teams outside the division as well — if you didn’t know — and some of them should look radically different in 2018.

The Cleveland Browns were very active and have some really interesting players. Can Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde combine for a productive offense? It should be fascinating to see. The New York Jets, likewise, made a slew of moves, and while I think most of them are positive, I just ... tend to enjoy the Jets imploding more than the Browns imploding, personally.

Modeling themselves after the recently-successful Philadelphia Eagles and Rams, the Chicago Bears went out in search of weapons for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The Houston Texans also should look pretty different and I want to see a full season of Deshaun Watson.

What about you folks? Is there anybody you are really interested in seeing?