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John Lynch: “The draft could go in many directions”

With a number of teams needing a quarterback the 49ers GM says the draft could go a number of ways

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch spoke to local media between sessions at the NFL annual meeting and discussed how “well versed” his team needs to be in preparation for the draft. With several of the teams needing a quarterback, there could be some serious shuffling at the top of the draft, with each team vying for their favorite. That means Lynch and his crew need to be prepared for any situation. His goal: “We are going to try to improve our team in every way possible.”

Lynch did go to Stanford’s pro day, but did not confirm any others other than a possibility of a few private workouts. He did, however, say that the team has been represented at every pro day thus far and they are getting to the point where they will start to “hunker down.”

What is different about this draft is the depth at the quarterback position and how many teams are in need. With the 49ers set at that position, there are a myriad of scenarios that could unfold before the draft gets to the 9th pick. Lynch explains the possibilities:

This is my second draft, I’ve followed them for a long time but this one, it could maneuver so many different ways. It’s really intriguing with these quarterbacks and everyone has a different favorite quarterback and to see just what’s going to happen. So there’s going to be so many different possibilities. Fortunately for us, there’s going to be a lot of good football players, so that process has begun but it will really develop in earnest here in the next month, which is a sprint until the draft, when these draft meetings really get going with the coaches. It’s been ongoing, but our official draft meetings will go and we’ll start to get a better feel for these guys. There are a lot of options at our disposal, that’s the good thing, but we are going to have to be well versed because this thing could go so many directions.

Does Lynch feel more confident in his second go around? Maybe a little, but when asked, he recalled a quote from one of his former coaches Monte Kiffin:

“The most dangerous three words in football are ‘I got this’ so I’ll never feel like that, even at things like this, feeling comfortable in that room, knowing where I’m going, those type of things. Last year I did what a good rookie should: you get in a meeting and you just shut up and listen. Maybe I’m more inclined to jump in the conversation now, when I’m inclined. Things like that feel more comfortable.”

Lynch describes the pre draft process in the 49ers building being like a well oiled machine. Last year he was happily surprised how things fell together naturally. With them keeping the same mentality of working every day to get better, he is confident that, “good things will happen.”