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49ers running close second to Rams in NFC West odds

I’m not surprised the Seahawks are third in the odds, but it’s still quite the change in less than a year.

The NFL will announce the 2018 regular season schedule in approximately three weeks, but in the meantime, divisional odds have been released. dropped the first set of divisional odds, and they seem bullish on the market for the San Francisco 49ers. They have the Los Angeles Rams installed as favorites at +140, and the 49ers are a close second at +150. The Seattle Seahawks are third at +350, and the Arizona Cardinals bring up the rear at +1600.

The 49ers are getting a lot of love from oddsmakers this offseason. The team’s momentum at the end of last season and into this offseason is a big factor in these numbers. People are liking their direction, but oddsmakers don’t want to get hammered too bad if they end up winning the division. These kind of odds might keep some bettors from getting in on it given how little there is to gain.

On the other hand, the Seahawks are an intriguing bet at +350. They’ve lost several notable players, leaving holes on both sides of the roster. They do still have Russell Wilson, and this season could be a big test for just how much he can do on his own. They’ll draw in plenty of Seahawks fans with the higher divisional number, but will it matter when we get into December? Can the 49ers really make the kind of leap fans might think?