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Would you trade a first round pick for Odell Beckham, Jr?

The Giants appear ready to move their star wide receiver for the right price.

The New York Giants are in some sort of rebuilding type of process, and coming off a 3-13 year, no good offer will be refused. And just like that, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would appear to be on the market.

Co-owner John Mara said on Sunday that the team is not actively shopping Beckham, but nobody is untradeable. That opened the door to speculation, and came shortly before a report that Beckham would not play anywhere without a contract extension. Beckham is signed in 2018 for the fifth-year option on his rookie contract, making him a free agent after the season.

Now, we have an idea of the price on Beckham. Giants beat writer Pat Leonard reported on Monday that the asking price is, “starting at a first-round pick plus.” He said the “plus” part is negotiable, suggesting it would not take two first round picks to land the star wide receiver.

NFL owners, general managers, and head coaches are in Orlando this week for the annual March owners’ meeting. There are other owners’ meetings, but March is a big one. The high profile part of free agency is a wrap, and the draft is still a month off. It’s a chance to do some horse-trading if the timing is right.

There is no denying Beckham’s talent. He is one of the best wide receivers in the league. He missed 12 games last year due to injury, but had played 16 and 15 games the previous two seasons. The biggest question for him is the off-field issues, with a video circulating that includes what could be two illegal substances.

From a football standpoint, the biggest question is a contract extension. A year ago, Beckham said he wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL. Highest paid receiver is worth discussing, but given how the league values quarterbacks compared to other players, highest paid player overall seems unlikely.

But if Beckham pushes for a contract extension either with the Giants or in any trade, that will factor into any discussion about a potential trade. It will cost a new team the first round pick (and potentially another pick) plus whatever salary the two sides can negotiate. Any team could use a talented receiver like Odell Beckham Jr, but there are plenty of questions to be answered on and off the field before many teams would want to do such a deal.

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Would you trade a first round pick to acquire Odell Beckham Jr (and likely sign him to a contract extension)?

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