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Rams might be trying to trade for Odell Beckham Jr.

Things are getting wild in the NFC West.

The Los Angeles Rams emerged as the new top dog in the NFC West this past year, and they are not wasting any time trying to build on that success. The Rams acquired Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib to lock down their secondary, and now might be looking for a big-name weapon for Jared Goff.

The Rams have inquired about Odell Beckham Jr.’s availability, according to the New York Daily News. Giants owner John Mara said the team is not actively shopping OBJ, but he made it pretty clear the team would welcome offers. A subsequent NYDN report said the team was looking for a “first round pick plus” to do a deal. They are reportedly looking for a first round pick and a second pick that is negotiable.

The Rams have their pick at No. 23, but have dealt away their second round pick. It seems unlikely the Giants would do a deal for a first and a third, but I suppose anything is possible.

The Rams, or any team that might trade for Beckham, would need to make sure they have the cap space to do an extension. The Rams do have the space, with $28.3 million in cap space, but their cap situation is not exactly entirely clear. They have to figure out Aaron Donald’s situation soon, while Todd Gurley will be a decision after his fifth year option in 2019. How would it play paying OBJ big money now as other players look for their eventual paydays?

That being said, it certainly would escalate what has turned into a bit of an arms race between the Rams and the 49ers. Both teams have made some notable moves this offseason, coming off a big step forward in 2017 for each team. The Rams took the bigger step, earning a playoff berth, but the 49ers finished strong and found a potential franchise quarterback. It’s a wild time in the NFC West!