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USC running back Ronald Jones will have another workout prior to the draft

Still hampered by his injured hamstring, Jones will schedule another workout for scouts in the near future.

USC running back Ronald Jones spoke to the media at his pro day last week, after not finishing all the drills. Jones announced that he will be scheduling another workout when he is 100 percent. He was still having issues with his hamstring which he said he injured around Valentine’s Day. That same injury caused him to pull up during his 40 yard dash at the Combine, where he confirmed a formal meeting with the San Francisco 49ers.

Jones did attempt to go through a few passing drills with quarterback Sam Darnold but didn’t have a great performance, dropping a couple of very catchable passes, although it was raining. This is not great for Jones’ draft stock especially when many scouts noted Darnold’s exceptional perfomance in the elements. Jones reported that his hands are the most noted criticism from scouts, which was an influence on him planning another workout at USC at a date to be determined.

Jones stats reflect his incredible running abilities with a lot of yards after contact but not a lot of receptions. He has heard from scouts that his route running is somewhat limited but he explains he was more often than not, the check down, not the primary read.

  • 2015 153 carries 987 yards 6.5 average 7 receptions 39 yards
  • 2016 177 carries 1082 yards 6.1 average 11 receptions 76 yards
  • 2017 261 carries 1550 yards 5.9 average 14 receptions 187 yards

The nearly 6’0 running back has also been attempting to add a little weight to his frame. He weighed in at 209 at USC, up a little from his combine weight where he dropped a little to be able to run faster. His goal at his next workout is a 4.3-4.4 in the 40 yard dash. It’s not too much of a reach when you take a look at his high school records: 10.27 in the 100m and 21.98 in the 200m.

With much talk about Saquon Barkley being the top running back in the draft, Jones believes he is also worthy, at least one of the top two. He believes his quarterback should go at the top of the draft as well, presumably number one. When asked about Darnold’s performance at the pro day:

“He was slinging that thing like he always does, you know, rain and all.”