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Laken Tomlinson, Jonathan Cooper likely to start at guard initially

Joshua Garnett will be competing at the guard positions as well, but this is the starting point.

The San Francisco 49ers kick off their offseason workout program in three weeks, and we are starting to get some depth chart information. Head coach Kyle Shanahan discussed the team’s guards, and his comments suggested that Laken Tomlinson and Jonathan Cooper will be the starters out of the gate.

The offseason workout program begins April 16, but initially it is a couple weeks of workouts. OTAs get going in late May, with minicamp in June. That is when the depth chart means a little bit more as we see the playbook implementation beginning (continuing to a certain degree this year).

Joshua Garnett will get an opportunity to compete, but he’s got plenty of work in front of him. Of course, it helps that we are officially into “X is in the best shape of his life” season already. I would have thought we’d have to wait until the first press conference of the workout program, but Shanahan is getting a jump on it.