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Kirk Cousins sweepstakes will reportedly come down to four teams

This should be fun to watch from the outside, 49ers fans.

The sweepstakes for Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins continues unabated, and I’m thoroughly enjoying watching it from the prospective of most definitely not being in on it.

For the latest report, the news is that the final four teams expected to be competing for Cousins in free agency — and he will hit free agency — are the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

I’d expect the Vikings to be the most desirable destination for Cousins, though John Elway, even with his misses, is someone that quarterbacks respect a lot. I wouldn’t count out the Broncos. I kind of like the Cardinals relying on guys like Blaine Gabbert, so I hope they don’t land Cousins, personally.

The San Francisco 49ers were heavily in on the early, early Cousins sweepstakes. We wrote more than a dozen articles about Cousins, and how he’d be a fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, and most of the speculation was about him before the 49ers traded for Jimmy Garoppolo. I’m more sold on Garoppolo than Cousins from a pure mechanics standpoint, but I would not have been upset with the 49ers acquiring Cousins at the time.

For now, though, I’m going to enjoy sitting back and watching these teams fight to pay him slightly more than the 49ers are paying Garoppolo, same as I’m enjoying watching these quarterbacks at the NFL Combine without worrying about needing one.