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How well can you do on the Wonderlic?

For those of you wondering what the heck this Wonderlic thing is.

In the coming days/weeks there’s going to be a lot of chatter about this thing called the Wonderlic. The Wonderlic is a test given to all NFL prospects which is mean to gauge their ability to learn a playbook and overall football intelligence. The questions can be anything like a simple math problem to finding discrepancies between vocabulary words.

The scores are often a bit interesting. Former 49ers running back Frank Gore had one of the lowest scores in the history of the test, but is still playing his way into Canton. Dan Marino, a hall of fame quarterback also had a less than desirable score. On the flipside, quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Blaine Gabbert are in the upper echelon of the scoring. The point? There really is no statistical evidence to suggest a Wonderlic score is going to predict your future in the NFL like the SAT/ACT could predict your future in higher education (and even that has come under scrutiny, but that’s another topic).

A sample question could be something like “Mary needs to make 9 dozen cookies, each dozen requires a 14 cup of milk. How many cups of milk does Mary need?” Yes it sounds like something out of 2nd grade math class, but the test is timed, and you can definitely get timed out if you’re not quick. Some of these questions make you stop and think while others you should know how to set up if you showed up at least one day in pre-algebra.

It’s a slow day here, so I found a sample Wonderlic test. I thought it’d be fun if we all shared our scores and football acumen. You can take a sample test here. Put your scores in the comments if you feel inclined.