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Watch Eddie DeBartolo give championship speeches

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The former San Francisco 49ers owner had the charisma and respect of the team he owned as well as its fans. You can just tell by the way he addresses everyone.

On this day in 1977, Eddie DeBartolo became the owner of the San Francisco 49ers. If you’re counting, that was 41 years ago. He strove to make the team feel less like a business and more like a family during his ownership tenure. It was well known he put the team up in better hotels, gave better plane seats, and wanted the best for his guys.

When he owned the San Francisco 49ers, Eddied DeBartolo had a strong locker room presence. There were stories of how he’d hand towels to players following the game, or go join recently ejected players like Charles Haley in the locker room so they weren’t alone. put together a nice video of the various speeches DeBartolo gave following huge games and if anything can get you fired up, it’s this. I’ve embed the tweet below for you to watch yourselves.

I’m not too sure if we’ll get a compilation of current 49ers owner Jed York having victory speeches in twenty years, but I certainly hope he has several opportunities to have a highlight video of such.