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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith Wanted for Domestic Violence. Again.

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, March 5th, 2018 edition.

With the Combine in full swing, the art and science of roster building has once again provided us, thankfully, with a seemingly-endless web of prognostication. Sunday brought numerous thought provoking topics, like the polish vs. potential value of a prospect, or a feel-good profile of a local athlete who overcame adversity to succeed.

Just when things seemed pretty good, Aldon Smith found himself wanted by the authorities in relation to a domestic violence incident. In short order, I progressed through numerous emotions, from “He’s not a 49er anymore”, to “Oh that Aldon and his illegal hijinx”, before landing squarely in the “Here’s proof that your best ability as an NFL prospect is your availability” camp.

So, while we feverishly stake our claims in the offseason projection diversions, let us remember that poor decision making will always outweigh physical traits and positional polish. Furthermore, this most recent episode of “ways to ruin a promising career” served notably to amplify the severity of Reuben Foster’s ... matters. Newsflash: Aldon Smith hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2015, and it’s not likely that he ever will again. It won’t be long before the first wave of punishment is dealt to Foster, and we’ll get a clearer image of how realistic it is to believe that his career might continue.


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