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John Lynch runs his own 40-yard dash in support of Rich Eisen, St. Jude’s

This is rad, 49ers fans.

I am a huge fan of Rich Eisen as a host. He’s just great at what he does and he’s the only reason I actually watch any kind of NFL media. I love his 40-yard dash every year, and I love that he does it to support St. Jude.

On Monday, as expected, Eisen ran the 40-yard dash and did so with a time of 5.97 seconds — not his best time ever, but back under the six-second mark, which was an important goal for him. If you weren’t aware, he runs it in a suit. I can’t remember which year it was he lost his pocket square in the run, but it was one of the better moments.

Oh, and San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is getting in on the action as well. Lynch, preparing to leave Indianapolis to return to Santa Clara, posted a short video on Twitter in support of Eisen and his campaign, and himself ran something close to a 40-yard dash.

I don’t know if it was exactly 40 yards, nor do we have an official time, but it was pretty gosh dang fast. Lynch, it’s safe to say, is faster than Eisen.

I donate as much as I can every year, which isn’t much, and the cause of children’s hospital research and funding is very important to me. Every year, I do a marathon gaming stream as part of Extra Life, an event that benefits children’s hospitals around the nation. Last year, we raised over $3,000 and we’ll be doing it again in November of this year.

I love everything about this. Are there any faster general managers in the NFL? Or any cooler right at this moment? Sound off in the comments.