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Report: Jaguars have informed Allen Robinson they won’t tag him

A top tier wide receiver is reportedly going to hit the open market, or at least he won’t be given the franchise tag.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have informed wide receiver Allen Robinson that they will not be using the franchise tag on him, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. The deadline to apply the franchise or transition tag is today (Tuesday) at 1 p.m. PT.

Robinson was always considered a player with a decent chance at being tagged. The Jaguars have stated they want him back, and the feeling is mutual. However, Robinson would be the top wide receiver on the open market, especially with Jarvis Landry already tagged by the Miami Dolphins.

If they don’t apply the tag, the Jaguars can still try and work out a long-term deal with Robinson before free agency beings. The “legal tampering” period begins on March 12, and free agency proper begins with the start of the new league year on March 14.

Tagging Robinson would cost the Jaguars $15.982 million for a single season. They recently re-did the contract of Blake Bortles that freed up some money for 2018, but it’s still a lot to pay. Robinson figures to make something close to that on any kind of free agent deal, though his injury concerns could be a red flag.

The San Francisco 49ers have had reported interest in Robinson, and I’d expect them to at least be in the discussion if and when he hits the open market.