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Golden Nuggets: Be wary of April Fools, 49ers fans

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Sunday, April 1, 2018 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Good morning folks. Today is Sunday, which means I’m writing the Nuggets, and it’s also April Fools, a day I enjoyed immensely until the exact moment I started covering sports professionally. Now, April Fools Day is a hellish nightmare where seemingly reputable people print and say things that aren’t true because they think it’s funny (it’s not).

I’m all for a good, funny post, but all the best ideas for those, at least as far as the Internet is concerned, were gone a long time ago. Now, it’s just a day where you shouldn’t trust anything written about the San Francisco 49ers. Especially if that something has to do with trades or things along those lines.

OK, yeah, free agency is over. The NFL Draft is coming. The 49ers are in a good spot and I’m guessing the next two weeks are going to inch along at an absolute crawl. Is it draft day yet? Let’s get to your links.

Short sighted: What the experts missed with 49ers’ RB Jerick McKinnon (Barrows)

Ranking 49ers’ NFL Draft needs is no easy assignment (Maiocco)

49ers to send tight ends coach to work out Sacramento-area pass catcher (SacBee)

Nine useful ways 49ers could spend nine picks in NFL draft (Biderman)

49ers RB Jerick McKinnon has been taking rigorous AP course this spring (Barrows)

DeBartolo on Dwight Clark’s ALS battle: “It breaks my heart” (TalkOfFame)