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49ers met with Yale linebacker/safety Foye Oluokun

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The 49ers could use some veratile defenders

The San Francisco 49ers are looking for versatile defenders, and they might have their eye on an Ivy League option. The 49ers were on hand for Yale’s Pro Day, and they met with linebacker Foyesade Oluokun, according to a source.

Oluokon measured in at 6’1, 230 pounds, and ran a 4.56 40-yard dash. His 37 inch vertical would have been sixth among linebackers at the NFL Combine, and his 10 foot, 3 inch broad jump would have been a top ten mark.

D. Orlando Ledbetter tweeted that the Atlanta Falcons met with Oluokon, and in his tweet, he referred to the linebacker as LB/S. Oluokon could use more size, but it is worth noting his weight is similar to Reuben Foster’s weight a year ago. Of course, Foster is likely putting on some weight this offseason to deal with the rigors of the NFL. He dealt with an assortment of injuries, and while he did not miss many snaps late in the season, he spent a little too much time in the blue medical tent.

That being said, maybe the 49ers would see Oluokon as a versatile option they plug into a nickel backer kind of role. He’d be a late round flier, but that’s where you can find some unique options.