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NFL calendar heading into April 2018

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It’s a somewhat busy month.

Welcome to April, and happy Easter! It is April 1st, which means we are entering a pretty big month on the NFL calendar. We get the schedule release, the start of the offseason workout program, and of course, the 2018 NFL Draft. March is arguably bigger given how crazy free agency is, but April brings the most different events on the NFL offseason calendar.

Here is a look at the schedule for the month of April. The 49ers won’t have anything this first week thanks to the first returning coaching staff since 2014. After that, each week will bring news, some not so important (preseason schedule), some reeeeeeally important (the draft).

Here’s what’s coming up over the next four weeks. This does not include the private workouts and visits the 49ers will host over the next two weeks. The information on those will leak out over the course of that time.

April 1: April Fools jokes — remain vigilant!

April 2: Teams with new coaches can start offseason workout program

Week of April 9: Preseason schedule likely released; likely local Pro Day for Bay Area draft prospects

April 16: Teams with returning coaches can start offseason workout program

Week of April 16: Regular season schedule likely released (probably Thursday the 19th)

April 26-28: 2018 NFL Draft