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DeForest Buckner playing up April Fools

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The 49ers defensive lineman went along with an April Fools joke regarding a trade.

The warnings were issued this morning that April Fools was upon us, and not to believe everything you read. That didn’t stop the deceptive stories from coming out though. The San Francisco 49ers had some interesting prank-reports. One involving Odell Beckham Jr. and one regarding DeForest Buckner being traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

The deal involves a eighth round pick and a possible water specialist. Just your typical April Fools news prank. That is, until Buckner gets in on it and confirms the trade:

In case you’re wondering, there is no eighth round in the draft. The draft ends with the seventh round. The “report” also gives Lynch the moniker of Trent Baalke 2.0 and calls for Roger Goodell to hand the Lombardi trophy over to Los Angeles.

The whole April Fools thing can be a bit annoying, but seeing the players get in on it made it rather amusing. 49ers safety Jacquiski Tartt was having none of it though:

April Fools has gotten a bit redundant for me. I was going to do a post today saying that Gronk was traded to the 49ers for a 4th, and a 1st 2018 draft pick (4/1/2018) but thought better of it. Last year, I also was thinking of saying Joe Montana was hired as offensive coordinator for a salary of $41.17 million (4/1/2017) but again regained my sanity.

Any other April Fools jokes about the 49ers you liked today?