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49ers get their own section at Jerry World in the 2018 NFL Draft

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We don’t want another 49er takeover happening again, do we?

The Dallas Cowboys are hosting the 2018 NFL Draft in Arlington, Texas, and they will be providing areas for each fan base. The draft will take place at AT&T stadium, and all 32 teams will have a section for their fanbase.

“We’ll have sections all over the stadium for all 32 teams, and it’ll be like a competition between all the teams and their fans,” former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt said in an interview with the MMQB.

Makes you wonder if the San Francisco 49ers section will take up half the stadium.

Last time 49ers fans had anything to do with going to Dallas, this happened. Long story short, the 49ers were thought to make another postseason run, and the Cowboys were thought of not being much in 2014. The result was a ratio of 50/50 between 49ers fans and Cowboys fans in the first game of the season, which happened to be at Jerry World. Given that they are sectioning things off for each team, some of the 49ers fans who managed to take up nearly half the stadium last time may be turned away.

Of course, there’s thought that the only reason the 49ers fans got to do that in the first place was because no Cowboys fan wanted to go watch such a disaster of a team. Once the Cowboys got things going that same year and made the playoffs, you’d think this wouldn’t be possible.

Ehhhh, not exactly, because their own division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles overtook the stadium again in 2017. So we know that the Cowboys can be overtaken in their own stadium. They probably don’t want to see how dominant opposing teams’ fanbases can get in the usurping.

There’s only so many fans that can go to Jerry World, and there’s only so few Cowboy fans you can count on showing up. So I guess they need to make it fair for all. In any case, if there is a competition, we can count on the 49ers showing up and filling all 1/32 of that section. Maybe they give half that stadium to the 49ers and then divide the other half up into 31 sections? Who knows.

If you did that, you could count on them taking up half the stadium. Data is data.