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Packers could be on prime time in Week 1, maybe Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Aaron Rodgers?

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The 49ers are traveling to face the Packers in 2018. How about Jimmy G vs. Aaron Rodgers in prime time?

The Green Bay Packers are celebrating their 100th anniversary this season, and to honor it, they are hoping to open their 2018 regular season schedule at Lambeau Field. The team formally requested a Week 1 home opener, and the NFL is “strongly” considering them for Sunday Night Football that week, according to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.

The NFL will announce the full schedule in the next week or two. The San Francisco 49ers face the Green Bay Packers on the road this season. Considering how last season ended for the 49ers with the emergence of Jimmy Garoppolo, it seems like they could get at least three or four prime time games, if not a fifth.

How about Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Aaron Rodgers to open the season in prime time? My guess is 49ers-Packers ends up as one of those 1:25 p.m. national games of the week on FOX, but you never know. The quarterback storyline is the big one, but the 49ers and Packers do have some history beyond just the quarterback position. I have to think their matchup gets decent billing this fall. Whether that ends up with a prime time broadcast? Well, we’ll see what happens come schedule release.