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NFL lawyers deposed Colin Kaepernick on Tuesday

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Colin Kaepernick’s lawsuit against the NFL continues through the discovery phase. Lawyers for the former NFL quarterback had the opportunity to put various NFL and team personnel through depositions over the past couple months. On Tuesday, NFL lawyers had the chance to depose Kaepernick.

The deposition was behind closed doors, but Yahoo! Sports columnist Charles Robinson reported on what the NFL was expected to focus on:

“[T]he NFL is likely to concentrate on Kaepernick’s mental outlook once he entered free agency in March of 2017, and whether he corrupted his free-agent market through a series of factors relating to football skills, contract expectations and motivation to play.”

Robinson went into some of the topics expected to be brought up. It could include Kaepernick’s expectations about starting and salary demands, how he related to coaches and teammates with the 49ers, injury questions, and his willingness to continue his football career anywhere outside the NFL. Robinson also said they could get into some of the non-football issues, such as his socks with pigs in police hats and his commentary on social media and in press conferences regarding police brutality and related issues.

The process is far from over, according to Robinson. He said Kaepernick’s deposition list is long, and the process very well could drag through the rest of the year.