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49ers 2018 draft cap revealed

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It’s ... something.

The 2018 NFL Draft is a little over two weeks away, and on Tuesday, New Era revealed the caps that draft picks will sport after they are selected.

I won’t say the hats are atrocious, but I’m not exactly wowed by their design decision. Each hat has some kind of team-specific phrase on the front, and then a second word or phrase embroidered into the sweatband.

The 49ers hat has “Niners” on the front, and then “Faithful” in block letters on the sweatband. The 49ers are the only one of the 32 hats that do not include something a bit more creative than just some version of the team name. The Raiders get Raider Nation, so I suppose I can’t convince New Era to go with Niners Nation. But maybe this will shut up the “49ers Empire” crowd for the time being.

I don’t mind the colors used, with a red bill and the rest in grey. But the look of “Niners” on the front is just not all that good. But hey, maybe people will be down to buy them. If you’re looking to get one, New Era announced they will go on sale on Thursday. Here’s a look at the 49ers hat


49ers draft cap 2018