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Report: Eric Reid willing to stay with 49ers for one year at his 2017 salary

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No offers have been made, but Reid would be willing to stick around in San Francisco for a year if the 49ers were willing to pay the same salary he had in 2017.

The Eric Reid free agency rumors continue. This morning, there were reports that the San Francisco 49ers wanted to bring Eric Reid back, but for a one-year deal, now it seems like there was no deal in place. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reports that not only was there no offer made, but Reid would have signed a one-year deal if it was at the salary he had in 2017.

From Florio:

“Reid prefers a long-term home, and he’d like to stay with the 49ers. However, because he loves the community, the area, and his teammates, he’d stay in San Francisco on a one-year deal, if it’s indeed at the same pay he received in the fifth and final year of his rookie contract.”

For the curious, Reid’s 2017 salary was $5.676 million, something the 49ers could afford with their salary cap.

Reid’s free agency was largely quiet when it began in March. Reports came Monday that he had his first visit lined up with the Cincinnati Bengals. While no formal offer has been made, perhaps the 49ers listed their numbers/intentions to Reid’s agent, should Reid decide to pursue returning to San Francisco and those figures were something Reid was not interested in so they didn’t go any further in drawing up contracts.

Regardless, it looks like Reid is fine with a short-term deal, if the 49ers are fine with paying him his 2017 salary. There hasn’t been any offer on the table as of yet though. Certainly more details on this will be coming soon.