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“I am the spark plug that gets the defense going” - UTSA CB Devron Davis on his best qualities

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Davis, who is cousins with Vernon, Vontae and Stephen Nelson has received some pre draft interest from the 49ers.

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Texas A&M Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have shown quite a bit of interest in UTSA cornerback Devron Davis during the pre-draft process. They visited him during the season at school, as well as at the College Grid Iron Showcase in Texas. What makes this more interesting for 49ers fans is that Davis is a cousin of the teams former tight end Vernon Davis as well as current Bills cornerback Vontae Davis and Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson.

Vernon was involved with his younger cousin’s football career from the beginning, attending games as well as helping “with his athleticism” working out with him behind the scenes. He has also taken time to advise him on the draft process and for that, the younger Davis is very thankful for his guidance.

He’s a guy I looked up to my whole life. I was a Niners fan because I paid close attention to the Niners organization. It’s crazy to be in this position, right behind him, talking to his former team.

Davis spent his first two years at Merced junior college because an undisclosed illness of his mother kept him needing to be close to home. He says his JUCO experience made him grow up quickly, paying his own way without a scholarship after receiving offers from over 35 schools. Of course everything happens for a reason. Davis enrolled at UTSA where Frank Wilson was in his first year as the head coach. Wilson had recruited Davis when he was at LSU and Davis was a top tier player coming out of high school. Davis had taken note of all of the remarkable players that Wilson recruited: Odell Beckham Jr. Tyrann Mathieu, and Leonard Fournette to name a few. The most impactful part of his of his experience at UTSA, however, ended up being the family atmosphere that Wilson established.

There are a lot of highlights showing the hard hitting style of Davis while at UTSA, even against the run, but what you can’t see on film is how hard he works. Davis is an admitted film junkie. If he’s not watching film with the team, he is watching film of his favorite NFL players who range from Champ Bailey to Chris Hawkins and from Darrelle Revis to yes, even John Lynch. He prides himself on being the first one in and the last one out saying he “eats, sleeps and breathes football” because it is his true love.

Davis’ older cousin Vernon also tought him the importance of being the most coachable player. He adds that he wants to develop his technique which is the one thing that scouts have brought up as a critique. Davis is confident that he is ready for the challenge as D1 games had become slower to him as has each step before it on his path to the NFL.

While Davis is less of a draft sleeper now, it still gave him a pretty sizable chip on his shoulder because he feels he is the best prospect out there. His UTSA teammate Marcus Davenport has been the opposite, getting quite a bit of national attention and Davis is very happy for him, stating simply “He deserves it.” When asked, both are very complimentary of each other and the word “beast” is regularly used. An incredible scenario would be for them to both be drafted by the same team. Davis stated “It would be fireworks.”

The most striking thing you notice when talking to Davis is how soft spoken his is. I had to go back a re-listen to his interview several times. He says he has two personalities, one off the the field and one on. While his statement below sounds confident and filled with swagger, (which he does have) it was said with the softest voice.

I’m an energy boost the the team. I always felt like I was a spark plug wherever I went. I went to Merced and they were a winning team. I went to UTSA and got them winning games. Everywhere I went I made an impact early, regardless of where you put me at. That’s the kind pf player I am. I’m the spark plug.

He’s that quiet spark plug that’s going to sneak up on you, just like he is sneaking up on draft boards everywhere.