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Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors hit the brakes

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Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, teams around the league think moving OBJ just isn’t going to happen

The Odell Beckham Jr. trade saga has been a lengthy one, but now it seems to have come to a close, at least for now. ESPN’s Adam Schefter gave some insight in the state of this madness:

The New York Giants were speculated to be trying to move the wide receiver, albeit for the price of two first round draft picks. There were rumors abound that the Los Angeles Rams were interested and that the San Francisco 49ers were watching closely, but nothing came of it. The Rams ended up trading for Brandon Cooks from the New England Patriots.

Schefter himself chimed in on if the Giants were serious on moving the star wide receiver last week, saying the possibility was, “absolutely real.”

As of now, it looks like the OBJ trade talks will be settling. Two first round picks for a wide receiver entering the final year of their contract is incredibly steep—even one of Beckham’s talents. That’s essentially a one-year rental with no guarantee you can keep the player around depending on their goals in free agency. Plus, someone like Beckham will be getting paid in the 2018 offseason, so the team trading would need significant salary cap space allocated if they were trying to keep him for the long term.

Perhaps after the draft things will get going again, or the Giants will settle for something more realistic. For now, it looks like Beckham will be finishing his rookie contract as a Giant.