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Aldon Smith is in serious trouble, and not just legally

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We’ve know that Aldon Smith has a host of issues to deal with for some time now. But it’s getting to a point of no return for Smith. He reported to the San Francisco sheriff’s department last week for ankle monitoring, and apparently he had a blood alcohol level of .40. San Francisco Hall of Justice reporter Evan Sernoffsky had some details.

If you don’t go to that Stanford link, it says that effects of a BAC of .35 to .40 includes loss of consciousness, and being on the brink of coma. For .40 and above, effects include the onset of a coma, and a likelihood of death due to respiratory failure.

It seems pretty clear Smith will never play football again, but we’ve gone from general personal problems to truly life threatening issues. Even though he’ll be going to a residential rehab facility, it’s hard to see this doing any more than anything else we’ve seen from him. Hopefully this is what finally gets his life turned around, but it’s hard to think that will be the case.