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Report: Seahawks postponed planned Colin Kaepernick workout after QB would not agree to stop kneeling during Anthem

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This is not a good look.

Fooch’s update #2 - SB Nation spoke with a source familiar with the situation:

Two weeks ago the workout was being arranged. Colin was enthusiastic about it. The trip and the workout was arranged for a significant period of time and on the eve of his travel, Seattle put the situation on hold. Seattle said it wouldn’t be worth his time and shouldn’t bother with the travel and that it’s not worth coming if he continued kneeling or doing on-field activism. He had to agree in advance if he wanted to go. Colin was focused on his workout and his focus was on being the best football player and performing at the workout. He certainly did not agree to the pre-condition. Literally, this was on the eve of it and they cancelled it. It was supposed to be on Monday.

Fooch’s update: Ian Rapoport added this. This is all a mess.

The Seattle Seahawks are looking for quarterback depth behind Russell Wilson following the release of Trevone Boykin due to a domestic violence allegation. And now, it has brought them to a situation with Colin Kaepernick. Adam Schefter is reporting the Seahawks had a workout planned with Kaepernick, but postponed the trip when he declined to stop kneeling the National Anthem in the coming season.

I caught Schefter on NFL Live, and he said Kaepernick would not say whether he would or would not protest when asked by the Seahawks. I don’t think it’s a huge difference, but I wanted to note it. This is potentially somewhat in line with Eric Reid being asked about the protest by Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown.

Schefter mentioned the workout was scheduled close to when Kaepernick was deposed by NFL lawyers in his lawsuit against the league. The Seahawks alone choosing to postpone his workout, and Mike Brown doing what he did with Reid does not prove collusion, but it certainly does not make things look any better for the rest of the league.