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Wyche: Reuben Foster charges caught 49ers off guard, but ‘doesn’t necessarily impact their draft strategy’

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Monday and the next two weeks could be fairly critical in this timeline.

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make with regard to linebacker Reuben Foster, and Thursday’s charges might have caught them off guard. NFL Network reporter/analyst Steve Wyche said people within the organization were preparing for the possibility of a suspension, but, “[t]hey did not know it was as severe as the charges that were levied yesterday.” (via 49ers Webzone)

The Santa Clara judge granted Foster a continuance to April 30th, with Foster’s attorney saying a lot of this was new information. Foster could enter a plea then, but the Santa Clara DA acknowledged there could be additional continuances as this develops. Given the lack of information that Foster (and the 49ers) seem to have at this point, it would suggest the next couple weeks are rather pivotal in the information-gathering process.

Wyche also said the news, “doesn’t necessarily impact their draft strategy.” He said the team was, “looking at drafting some linebackers, but not until the later rounds.” That’s the most specific thing we’ve heard with regard to the 49ers draft plans. Of course, we do have to consider why someone was willing to say that, even anonymously. Wyche said that remains the case even if they don’t have Foster to start the season.

Do you buy the notion that the 49ers are not considering a linebacker at the No. 9 spot, or even in the first two or three rounds? I’d assume it’s some draft posturing, but I guess we’ll find out in two weeks.