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Dez Bryant wants to play in the NFC East, but 49ers getting decent odds

The Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Dez Bryant on Friday, and he is already looking for revenge. Bryant reportedly said as he was leaving that he was getting ready to face the Cowboys twice a year, and he confirmed his interest in remaining in the division with NFL Network reporter Jane Slater.

Naturally, odds have already been released as to where Dez Bryant will land for the 2018 season. Washington is the front runner at +125 (bet $100 to win $125), followed by their NFC East compatriots, the New York Giants at +200. Here are the full list of odds, courtesy of

Washington: +125
New York Giants: +200
San Francisco 49ers: +250
Field (Any Other): +500
Houston Texans: +1500
Baltimore Ravens: +2000

It is not entirely surprising that the San Francisco 49ers are next after Washington and the Giants. They could use more weapons for Jimmy Garoppolo, and have plenty of cap space. I would be surprised if they made a play for him, instead focusing more on the draft to build up. But you never know.

Bryant is looking for revenge against the Cowboys. The 49ers-Cowboys rivalry isn’t what it once was, but I suppose that could stick it to Jerry Jones a little bit. And we all know how intense that first preseason game will be, right?