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Miami Dolphins working out quarterbacks

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Word has come out that some of the bigger name quarterbacks have made or are about to make visits to Miami. Could the 49ers be trade partners?

The San Francisco 49ers pick ninth in the 2018 NFL draft and either can get some great skill position players, or some extra picks in a trade back. The Miami Dolphins could be that trade partner now that reports are out that they are working out the top quarterbacks in the draft. The Dolphins are reported to have Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen in for visits. Rosen and Mayfield have both been projected to go in the top-10 in the draft.

The Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill on the roster, and Dolphins head coach Adam Gase has said Tannehill is the starter for 2018, but he’s been inconsistent at best and struggled to stay healthy.

This is significant for the 49ers because if the Dolphins fall in love with either of the quarterbacks, the 49ers are a team with whom they can attempt to make a trade. The Dolphins pick 11th in the draft, a mere two spots behind the 49ers. Between the two teams is the Oakland Raiders, a team that probably isn’t looking for a quarterback. Picking after the Dolphins is the Buffalo Bills at 13—and that’s the big one.

The Bills and Dolphins could identify a quarterback, or see the pool thinning out and both could possibly go into a bidding war with the 49ers in order to secure their services. One scenario could involve the Dolphins and the Bills offering something to the 49ers and the 49ers choose the best offer. Another one could be the Bills trading with the Oakland Raiders to move in front of the Dolphins and the Dolphins turning around and moving in front of them with a trade with the 49ers.

Either way, the 49ers may field offers if some quarterbacks are available when their pick arrives.