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Will the 49ers trade down or go best player available?

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In a recent article on, the San Francisco 49ers burning question was if they would go BPA or trade down. What do you think?’s Jeremy Bergman put together a list documenting a burning question for each team in the NFL come draft day. The question for the San Francisco 49ers is an obvious either-or. Do they go with the best player available or do they trade down again?

In the second year of their five-year plan, the 49ers are in a fascinating spot in the draft. San Francisco is selecting ninth, right at the end of a top 10 that could see up to five quarterbacks fly off the board. Considering their desire for young talent, the Niners are in a perfect position to trade down to a team desperately desiring the fourth or even fifth quarterback available, like Buffalo, Arizona or New Orleans. It would be the second time in two years under John Lynch that the 49ers traded down. But San Francisco needs depth in nearly every area -- defensive line and secondary are the most pressing -- and there will be highly touted options still available at No. 9. Lynch and Kyle Shanahan’s active first draft was generally regarded as a success, but does it behoove Santa Clara’s dynamic duo to attack this year’s go-around with the same free-wheeling attitude?

The 49ers hold the ninth pick in the draft and possess a decent win-win regardless with how the draft goes. If all the quarterbacks are taken off the board, the 49ers can easily grab one of the best skill position players. However, if some quarterbacks remain, the 49ers can start bidding wars to get a team further back into the top-10. Or quarterbacks can remain and the 49ers can decide to go BPA regardless. Or the 49ers can just trade back so someone else can get a skill position player.

Do you see the 49ers going best player available or trading back?