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Golden Nuggets: A busy two months is approaching

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San Francisco 49ers links for April 15, 2018.

Good morning! Football kinda, sorta returns tomorrow! The San Francisco 49ers return for their offseason workout program on Monday. The first two weeks of on-field work is strength and conditioning, but hey, the players are back together and the classroom portion of things will be plenty busy.

Things were relatively quiet this weekend after a less than stellar close to the week. But Monday will open up a two month stretch that will be filled with a decent amount of football news. On Monday, the offseason workout program begins, and we’ll get updates throughout that. It sounds like the NFL regular season schedule will be released this coming Thursday. The following week is the draft, and then rookie minicamp a week or two after that. The 49ers will have OTAs in late May and minicamp in June.

Things settle down after minicamp until training camp gets going in late July. That will be a particularly slow period, but at least for the next eight weeks we get a little bit of this and that to tide us over!

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