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Maybe the Seahawks trade Earl Thomas to the Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys cleared cap space by releasing Dez Bryant. It could open the door for a big move.

The Seattle Seahawks claim to be in a “reloading” situation as opposed to “rebuilding,” but at times it is difficult to tell the difference. It makes sense to reload when you’ve got Russell Wilson at quarterback, but they have made a ton of changes on defense that will require some quick turnaround if this is not going to drag them down.

The next move could be a big one. The Seahawks have been listening to trade offers for Earl Thomas, but nothing has come of it. With less than two weeks remaining until the 2018 NFL Draft, that could change. Dallas Cowboys reporter Mike Fisher thinks Dez Bryant’s release opens the door for the team to make a move for Thomas.

A week ago, our friends at Field Gulls made the case for why Thomas would not be traded. They made a note of the soft market for safeties, but I also think that undervalues what Thomas is compared to the other safeties. He is coming off injuries that past couple years, but if he is on the field the full 2018 season, he will be a huge impact player.

Thomas is entering his contract year, which raises all sorts of questions about his future. Given how many defensive players the Seahawks have unloaded, will they do the deed with arguably the best of that Super Bowl-caliber defense? I’m not really sure at the moment, but it would not surprise me. And if that happens, suddenly this Seahawks team could be taking a big step back if they don’t hit quickly on this year’s draft class.