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Reuben Foster will not take part in 49ers activities while legal process continues

There’s your first answer.

Fooch’s update: It’s worth noting this does not preclude the 49ers from remaining in touch with Foster and providing him whatever support they decide on.

The San Francisco 49ers report to their offseason workout program on Monday, and second year linebacker Reuben Foster will not be joining them. The team released a statement on Sunday evening, citing it as from Jed York, John Lynch, and Kyle Shanahan.

“Reuben Foster will not participate in team activities as he is tending to his legal matters. As previously stated, his future with the team will be determined by the information revealed during the legal process.”

Foster was arrested in February on a domestic violence allegation. He was charged this past Thursday with three felonies and a misdemeanor, including felony domestic violence. He received a continuance to April 30th.

The timeline is hazy beyond that, but the 49ers are prepared to wait this one out. Given that we are still a long ways away from a potential trial, that suggests this is could take quite a while to sort through. The specific mention of, “information revealed during the legal process” is an interesting one. The team has investigated this on their own, but it remains to be seen how much more investigation they’ll be handling in this process.

The 49ers report for phase one, which is strength and conditioning work, on Monday. That lasts two weeks, and is followed by one-on-one field work in phase two. Phase 3 includes OTAs in May, followed by mandatory minicamp in June. The team then separates for a month and a half until training camp starts in late July. That’s the football timeline. The legal timeline is TBD after the April 30th court date.