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The New Orleans Saints’ side of the Reuben Foster phone call

In a recent article on the MMQB, Peter King talks about the Saints side of the epic Reuben Foster phone call

Peter King of the MMQB came out with a great story Sunday talking of the hits and misses of the NFL draft and how some picks work out while others wind up being better in the end.

The final one was in reference to San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster. As the article states, “Sometimes your best draft choices are the picks you don’t make.”

And then some background went in on the New Orleans Saints’ side of the entire Reuben Foster deal. For those who don’t know or forgot, Foster was on the phone with Saints head coach Sean Payton right before the 49ers made the trade with the Seahawks to select him.

Below is what the conversation was:

“Foster told the Niners—and later told me—that Payton was on the phone with Foster minutes before it was going to be the Saints’ choice and said the Saints were going to pick Foster. Foster also said Payton asked to speak to Foster’s girlfriend. According to Foster, Payton asked the girlfriend, “Are you going to be the guidance to be sure Reuben doesn’t get into trouble?”

Payton goes on to say the phone call was just that—merely a phone call. Payton told Kin he “thinks” they still were going to draft Wisconsin tackle Ryan Ramczyk, no matter how the conversation went with Foster.

Foster has his own interpretation of these events and I’ve linked the video here of what his version of the conversation was. In short, Foster was under the impression that he would be getting picked by the New Orleans Saints. They did call and ask to speak to his girlfriend, however 49ers general manager John Lynch came in on call waiting and Foster eventually hung up on the Saints so he could talk to the 49ers.

Foster was recently charged with felony domestic abuse, the victim being the same girl the Saints wished to speak to on that fateful day. While the legal proceedings continue, he will not be attending OTAs that begin on Monday.