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Jarvis Landry makes roughly 3/4 of what the 49ers’ wide receivers make in a year combined

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Many of you wanted the San Francisco 49ers to do a deal for the former Miami Dolphins wide receiver. Instead the Cleveland Browns got him, but it definitely wasn’t cheap

One of the things we didn’t really discuss over the weekend was the contract given to newly acquired Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Landry was involved in a trade with the Miami Dolphins, sending the wide receiver to Cleveland in exchange for a 2018 fourth round and 2019 seventh round pick. Landry was in the final year of his contract so it only goes without saying Cleveland would get an extension going, and boy did they ever. Landry signed a 5-year, $75.5 million extension. By comparison, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, gave Mike Evans a 5-year, $82.5 million extension. The difference is Landry is more of a slot receiver, but that’s still some serious dough.

Landry will be making around $15.1 million a year, a nice chunk of change. In fact, that puts the entire wide receiver corps for the San Francisco 49ers to shame. 49ers wide receivers as a whole are getting paid $20.579 million in 2018. That number is based on cap hits for this season, whereas we don’t know the cap hits yet for Landry. That being said, he’s clearly making some crazy money.

The 49ers have signed one of their wide receivers to a contract this offseason. Marquise Goodwin signed a three-year extension worth $20.3 million. And again, Landry gets roughly 34 of that in one year.

Given that the price of slot receivers alone has gone up to the levels of what Landry’s contract is, the 49ers have themselves a potential bargain after Goodwin’s breakout eason.

49ers rookie slot receiver Trent Taylor had a good 2017 season, but if he continues to ball out, it will be interesting on how much money he’ll command in a few years when extension time rolls around. Given Evans, Landry, and soon Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver prices are going to continue going on the rise, no matter where they play.