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Richard Sherman spotted without support on his lower leg

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It’s a good sign for the 49ers cornerback.

The San Francisco 49ers began OTAs this week and all sorts of photos are flooding social media of the players arriving, and getting ready at the facility. One photo should make everyone happy:

Our own Jennifer Lee Chan pointed out that if you look at Richard Sherman’s ankles (top left photo) you’ll notice there is no tape or support. There’s no science behind this, and we did see him showing off his dance moves last month, but we’ll take this as another good sign to see!

Sherman ruptured his Achilles in a game against the Arizona Cardinals last November. The injury began a chain of events that led to his eventual release from the Seattle Seahawks earlier this offseason. When he signed with the San Francisco 49ers, many questioned the injury and the future of Sherman’s career.

It looks like we can be positive he’ll be on the field. Now it’s just to see if his play has taken a hit.