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Did you get your Monday Motivation?

The San Francisco 49ers began OTAs Monday, and they want you to know.

In case you didn’t know (and we’d hope you did if you come here), the San Francisco 49ers have begun offseason training activities. This of course means quiet and otherwise dormant social media accounts become bustling with activity like there was no offseason.

It also begins with Monday motivation. If there actually was a trend like this, I never heard of it, so I’ll go along with Monday Motivation because everyone can use some Monday Motivation and nothing says Monday Motivation, like a tweet on Monday at 6:35 PM (PST). And since it’s so late, I have no qualms sending you Monday Motivation on a Tuesday morning:

At least, that’s what I would say until I watched that video. Now, there’s still some hours left in the day for us to get that workout in. WWE superstars are not afraid to tweet about workouts at midnight, so I probably shouldn’t complain. These guys aren’t just doing bench presses, OTAs apparently involve tumbling, too. I’m sure I’d throw in the towel after one set of these workouts so all I can say is: Respect.

It also includes a competition that Garrett Celek won at the end of the day. Rejoice 49ers fans. Football is on its way back! Well, at least for a few weeks.